Interactive Code School to master SmartPy

The school walks you through the very basics of SmartPy to kickstart your smart contract development journey in the Tezos ecosystem!

By the end of Lesson 1, you'll know enough to officially call yourself a Tezos Blockchain developer!

Assemble your Cryptobot to fight against an alien invasion!

At the starting of your journey, the school bestowes upon you a unique gem. This gem, when inserted into the chest of any cryptobot, gives the cryptobot alien-killing cosmic superpowers! *ooh exciting*

Your mission is to build and assemble the cryptobot from scratch and then use the gem to power your cryptobot to battle the incoming alien invasion!

You will learn to assemble your cryptobot by progressing through the school. Are you ready? The world's hope is in your hands!

I'm ready. Take me to my mission!