Lesson: Introduction to SmartPy

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Chapter 3

Introduction to SmartPy


SmartPy is a high-level smart contracts library built to greatly ease the accessibility, understandability and probability of smart contracts that can be used to write and test smart contracts that are deployable on the Tezos blockchain.

It uses the widely popular programming language Python to reduce the barrier of entry for smart contracts builders and empower a large crowd of potential developers of dApps and other smart contracts to contribute to the Tezos ecosystem.

#buidl-ing time:

All SmartPy source code should start by importing the smartpy python library.

To do the same, type out out the following statement in the box to your right:

import smartpy as sp

When you’re finished:

  1. Click on “Check” to check your submission with the correct answer.
  2. Click on “Show Answer” in case you get stuck.

Helpful Links:

  1. SmartPy’s website
  2. Intro of SmartPy - written by SmartPy’s team.
  3. SmartPy’s online IDE - where you can test and see how your contract is getting compiled.